Using Christmas Content to Boost your Social Media Engagement

Using Christmas Content to Boost your Social Media Engagement

Engagement is an important part of social media altogether, not just the marketing side of it. It allows us to know how effective the content is by measuring how many people are interacting with it. If you have struggled to increase your engagement recently, the festive season is a wonderful opportunity to boost engagement and encourage interaction, whichever industry your business is in. We have written a few social media ideas for you to try this Christmas….

1 - Start a Christmas giveaway campaign

Everyone loves a giveaway or a competition, mainly because of free stuff! Christmas can be an expensive time of year so everyone is looking for discounted or free items they can get their hands on so it’s a perfect opportunity to strike up engagement. 

Asking your followers to tag you in their Christmas-themed posts, including your product in the scene or them using a service you provide or sharing your Christmas content is the easiest way to spark interaction and interest. Then reward the best entries with prizes and share the content across your platforms.

2 - Inspire your audience with a charity-based campaign

This could be a lovely way to help get your followers in the Christmas spirit since Christmas can be a special, particularly emotional time for a lot of people. The festive season should centre around kindness, giving, and appreciating what you have and reminding people of this can help engagement. 

Contributing to or fundraising for a charity, if you can, could do wonders for brand awareness, increasing sales, and simply ‘doing good’ to spread some joy. Followers will also get an insight into your company’s values from the charity you choose, which helps to build trust and relationships, another important area to cover.

Easy ways to do this could be donating a percentage of profits from sales, creating a special line of products where all proceeds go to the charity or letting your customers give an optional donation when they make a purchase. In any case, you can help out a charity in need during the festive season of giving and encourage your followers to get involved and share to raise awareness.

3 - Create an activity advent calendar to get people involved in different ways

This is similar to a giveaway due to followers needing to take action after seeing your content. For example, you could give daily tasks to your audience, such as creating a video about why they love your products or service. As long as the tasks are easy to do for everyone and can be as simple as naming a new Christmas product.

4 - Play a game with your followers through content

This could happen through Christmas-themed “What’s Your Name?”, guess the Christmas anagram or a Christmas song quiz, where they guess from a selection of song snippets. This is a great idea for stories and is a fun way to encourage your followers to engage with you since it gives them a purpose instead of just liking or sharing it.

Ideas like this are useful for any time of year but Christmas content is always received well and helps gives a boost to content creators as well as social media users.

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