The Social Game Partners With Westfield's "Future You"

The Social Game Partners With Westfield's

As Part of the 2023 Community Resilience Action Plan, Westfield Stratford City will return to host "Future You" this week, working with key partners in the local community to make a positive change.

As per previous years, Future You aim to work with key organisations that could contribute to supporting young people with their mental, emotional and physical
well being, and The Social Game are proud to be taking part in two key events this year:

Join Social Game Founder Clare Groombridge this Thursday, as she holds two fun and interactive Q&A sessions that will help shape the future for young people who are striving to work in social media.

First up at 12pm, Clare will be discussing "How To Get Your Dream Job In Social Media", touching on key areas including:

  • What type of roles are available in social media
  • How to get work experience
  • Skills required
  • Building your own portfolio
  • How to write a great CV that stands out to agencies
  • Average day working for an agency

Following this event, Clare will also be discussing "How LinkedIn Can Help You Succeed" at 2pm, as she delves deeper into: 

  • An introduction and group knowledge Q & A
  • LinkedIn 101 - it's not just for boring old corporate people!
  • How to create a personal profile that stands out
  • Showcasing - you! How to highlight your experience
  • Building your connections
  • What to post
  • Interacting with your community
  • Get endorsed and recommended!

With both workshops lasting roughly one hour, you can find out more info on these events and more on Future You here.