Social media is forever changing which makes it easy to miss an update from time to time. This is why we love to keep you updated, so below you’ll find 11 of February’s latest key updates from the various social media giants. Let’s dive in:

Instagram Adds ‘People You Follow’ Filter for DMs

Instagram has added a new DM filter option, which will enable you to filter your inbox to only messages from profiles that you follow in the app. The new “People you follow” option will enable you to prioritise DMs from only the profiles that you’ve chosen to follow, which could make it easier to prioritise personal connection.

Instagram’s Testing Carousel Posts Within the Reels Stream

Given the fact that both Instagram and TikTok essentially replicate each other as a matter of course, the former’s latest development will probably come as no surprise.

Currently testing with some users, Instagram is working on carousels within Reels, which will enable users to post multiple videos and/or still images in a single Reels post. Instagram users will soon have new Reels posting options, with multiple frames within a single Reel.

Which is exactly like TikTok providing more ways to share still images, in particular, within the main feed. Carousel posts could be a handy addition, giving you new options to showcase your products and business through expanded storytelling and display within the Reels stream. And given that Reels is Meta’s fastest-growing content format, it makes sense to test out the various presentation options available, in order to maximise your reach.

Instagram’s Testing New Limits on How Many Hashtags You Can Add To Posts

Hmmmm this is interesting.

According to various reports, Instagram is now limiting the number of hashtags that some users can add to their posts, with five being the maximum number of tags that you can include within a single update.

Some users are getting a limit pop-up as they add hashtags within the IG composer, which then restricts them from adding more within the post caption.

This makes some sense, given that Meta has also put limits on the number of tags that you can add per post on Threads. In that case, the idea is that by limiting tags to just one per post, that’ll reduce the capacity for spammers to target trending topics, by adding as many popular tags as they can, in the hopes of getting their updates into as many search streams as possible.

Instagram Tests New Option to Preview Feed Post Placement Before Publishing

This could be a handy one.

Instagram is currently testing a new option with some users that enables you to view how your feed posts will look on your profile grid before you publish, so you can ensure that each update fits into your overall IG aesthetic.

Some users are now seeing a new “Show preview” button within the post composer process. Tap on it, and it’ll then give you a preview of where the post will fit into your current profile format, including pinned posts. That could make it easier to maintain the overall theme and feel of your profile, and ensure that everything that you post aligns with the approach that you’re taking to your main IG presence.

Facebook Tests Generative AI Prompts for Better Post Captions

Oh gosh.

That’s the first thought that came to my mind when I saw this new feature in testing on Facebook, which enables you to create a post caption via generative AI, in order to help you come up with better content. Some Facebook users are now seeing a new “Write with AI” prompt in the post composer. Tap on it and Meta’s system will then generate a caption based on your existing post text and/or image, with cool suggestions like: “I mean seriously, what even is this day?!”. You can then prompt the tool to provide more options, including shorter text, a funnier description, one that’s more “heartfelt” etc. So now, if you’re not funny or clever or witty in any way, you can get a bot to write your posts for you, and ride the collective output of the internet to newfound internet fame. Which, in my view, runs counter to what social media is actually about.

Being “social”, by definition, involves human-to-human interaction, and the whole point of social media is to facilitate broader connection, not dilute it with robot updates.

Catch You on the Flipside!

Instagram has added another opportunity to engage with a smaller group. “Flipside,” a new private sharing option, has recently debuted, as noted by Social Media Today . Similar to a Finsta account, this feature provides an alternative profile area accessible only to you and your selected connections.

This shift underscores Instagram’s dedication to encouraging more private sharing, consistent with the recent trend in social apps. As mentioned in the article, fewer users are choosing to post on their public feeds in favour of smaller, more intimate engagement circles, a trend that Instagram has identified as noteworthy.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, stated on , “We’re not even sure we’ll launch it on Instagram.” On the one hand, it feels fantastic to create a clear and private place. On the other hand, it’s another approach to reach a smaller audience, in addition to secondary accounts and close friends. We’ll see how people react in the test and iterate accordingly.”

Pinterest Highlights Key Color Trends for 2024

Which colours are going to dominate trends throughout 2024?

Pinterest has put together a new “Pinterest Palette” colour trends overview, which is based on the dominant colours from Pins identified within its Pinterest Predicts report

As explained by Pinterest:

“Our internal creative team, Pinterest’s House of Creative, analysed the trends from Pinterest Predicts 2024 and distilled the search terms specifically related to colour (i.e. “blue jellyfish,” “blue chrome nails,” “aqua makeup looks.”) We then pulled out the most persistent hues from the trending keywords. The team also did a deep dive into the cultural zeitgeist, digging into the worlds of fashion, interior design, graphic design and the culture at large to compare Pinterest’s data to the macro industry colour trends.”

Based on this research, Pinterest has identified five key colour palettes that will resonate with audiences this year:

Pinterest’s main colours are:

  • Gummy Pink
  • Desert Orange
  • Aqua Blue
  • Moss Green
  • Mocha Brown

For each colour, Pinterest has provided an overview chart based on how it’s been used across Pins, including key product examples and search terms.

Pinterest Shares Tips To Help Optimise Your In-App Product Listings

Pinterest has shared some new tips on how to optimise your product feed in the app, in order to improve the performance of your Pin listings, and create a more responsive in-app presence. Which applies to both newcomers to the app and established brands, who can refresh their feed to maximise engagement.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Your product feed (also known as a data feed, data source or product catalogue) powers important lower funnel tools such as product Pins and shopping ads. Its data informs how our system recommends your content across Pinterest and which people see your Pins. It also impacts how your brand appears on the platform, with important information such as product description and images on the actual Pins.”

These are the 4 main points recommended to focus on:

  • Include comprehensive metadata listings
  • Use keywords in your titles and descriptions
  • Perfect your product groupings
  • Avoid Targeting Restrictions

TikTok Shop Links Will Appear Automatically in More Videos

TikTok is stepping up its social commerce game by testing a feature that automatically identifies products in videos, offering users a link to “Find similar items on TikTok Shop.” This move could transform every TikTok video into a potential shopping opportunity, marking a significant shift in how the platform integrates e-commerce and content.

Meet "Jagat"—the New Map-Focused Social Media App

Jagat, a location-based social network, has recently surpassed an impressive milestone of 10 million users globally. It’s designed to encourage “real-life connections” and “adventures with friends.”

Jagat stands out with its interactive map interface, a fresh twist in the social media landscape. Available on both iOS and Android, it allows users to see their friends' locations in real time and discover new activities and people nearby.

Average Engagement Rates for 12 Industries [January 2024]

Compare your results to average engagement rates in your industry to get a better understanding of your performance — and brag about your wins with confidence.

Travel, hospitality, and leisure

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.39%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 0.94%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.12%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.1%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.64%

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