5 things to consider before using live broadcasts on social media

5 things to consider before using live broadcasts on social media

Live streaming on social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, is an effective way for businesses to connect with their audience. Especially since more and more people are spending their time on social media, well…more time than people would like to admit anyway. This makes live streaming sound perfect but no one mentions that it can be quite intimidating.

With no option to edit or a chance to redo what’s being recorded, live streaming can add extra pressure to your content. The footage is completely raw, honest, and authentic, all of which make streaming appealing to your audiences, but certainly nerve-racking to you.

Instead of giving in to the nerves, get prepared for your first or next live stream with these handy tips…

1. Going live? Give your audience lots of notice!

You want to be sure your audience is aware that a live stream is on the cards, otherwise you could lose potential viewers. Create plenty of social media posts ahead of your live video session, so followers know when to tune in and why they should view it. You might also want to announce the upcoming video in other communications, like email newsletters or blog posts…

2. Practice makes perfect

While it’s true that live streaming on social media is more casual than traditional, pre-recorded video, you still want to represent your business in the best way possible. Before you go live, take some time to practice what you want to say, check your lighting, get rid of background noise, and eliminate distractions just like if you were getting ready for a zoom call. You may even want to invest in a tripod to avoid the shaky camera appearance or getting a tired arm. Most importantly, check that you have a good internet connection to avoid disruptions or downtime.

3. Connect with your audience

Whenever possible, make sure you involve your followers in conversation, not just talk at them. Live streaming is less about promoting your products/services but engaging and making connections with viewers. It’s a unique opportunity to give your audience a look “behind the curtain”, showing off your personality and an opportunity for your viewers to ask questions.

4. Invite others to join the conversation

What makes live streaming on social media so engaging is the opportunity to pull in other guests to enrich the conversation, by inviting and responding to comments from viewers. Doing this makes your video way more engaging. It’s also a great way to get the audience engaged by offering them the opportunity to do this.

5. Timing is everything

While this tip is applicable to everything to do with social media, it’s important to consider your timing when you’re going live. Is there a possibility that half your audience could be asleep when you’re planning to do your live stream? Maybe that 10pm time slot you were considering isn’t looking so appealing after all. Ok, we understand that your followers could be tuning in from around the globe, but keep in mind the best time to go live!

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