3 Simple Ways to Support International Women's Day on Social media

3 Simple Ways to Support International Women's Day on Social media

As a female-founded business we love showing our support for International Womens Day, but we know not everyone knows how they can get involved. If you haven’t had time to prepare for International Womens Day this year but want to show your support, don’t panic, we have come up with 3 simple ways you can get involved and show your appreciation for the day… 

Highlight women leaders within your company: 

Try sharing stories or videos of successful women in leadership positions within your organisation. Recognise their achievements, and celebrate their contributions to the company. This can inspire other women and promote gender equality in the workplace and will also give you the opportunity to showcase your fantastic team, especially those that haven't been showcased yet.

Share inspiring quotes from influential women:

Share quotes from famous female leaders, thinkers, or activists. This can be a great way to encourage discussion and promote the values of gender equality, empowerment, and diversity. However, this doesn't mean sharing any old generic quote, but taking the time to explore those that inspire you and resonate with your industry.

Share women-founded companies that you find inspiring:

This can be as simple as sharing their content on your stories or if you want to go that one step further, then add some thoughts or appreciation for their empowerment and how it inspires your female co-workers. This is something you can spontaneously share throughout the day and will show your constant support for IWD 2023.

To make sure you’re prepared for any key dates for the rest of the month, have a look at our Instagram post here