12 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

12 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

As platforms become more creative, it can sometimes become harder for brands to showcase their products and services. Over time, platforms will become more defined in their audiences and in their ways of displaying content. The best way to reach them is to learn user trends and habits. You should be able to communicate with them in the language and tone of voice of which they prefer.

This, however, takes time, and investment on various fronts. This is why more brands are now leaning into influencer marketing. It is a way to utilise creative skills, communication styles and audience. By reaching the people who already speak the right language, you can get your brand in front of an engaged, active audience.

It can be a great way to maximise reach, and boost brand awareness. To provide more insight into this, we shall elaborate on 12 different benefits of using influencer marketing.

1 – Improve brand awareness 

By getting influencers involved, they can help create a buzz around your brand by using shoutouts, reviews and contests. They can make your brand more recognisable.

2 – Boost credibility and trust

Influencers spend years bonding with their audience and gaining their trust. When they promote your brand, your credibility will increase because of this.  

3 – Reach a targeted audience

Make sure a relevant influencer is in your niche and caters to your target audience. By doing this, your content will be of an interest to the audience, resulting in high-quality leads.

4 – Get more conversions

 Influencers do exactly what it says on the tin  – they influence.  Influencers hold sway over their follower’s purchase decisions, if they give a positive review about your brand, you can get more conversions. 

5 – Diversify your content

Share influencer content to fill the gaps in your content schedule. Add a mix of stories, videos, photos and even blog posts. This can be extremely helpful, especially when you’re lacking content.

6 – Boost your search rankings

By sponsoring posts and getting brand mentions, you can get quality backlinks. This can help you boost your traffic and search rankings. 

7 – Get unlimited sharing potential 

Content provided by an influencer can reach a broad audience and has the potential of going viral. You can also repurpose and reuse it on other social media platforms. 

8 – Save money 

By using influencer marketing, you can save money as it is usually cheaper compared to the traditional way of advertising. You can offer free products or access to events/services instead of offering money. 

9 – Increase engagement rate

When an influencer shares posts that are in reaction to your brand, there is a high probability that you’ll gain more likes, shares, comments and even followers. If the influencer is involved in a contest with your brand, then your engagement will be boosted very quickly.

10 – Get more social proof

Featuring influencer testimonials on your website and/or social media can help win your audience’s trust. This can result in the easing of purchase decisions.

11 – Boost presence on multiple platforms

The majority of influencers have a presence on more than one social media platform. They can cross-promote sponsored content to maximise your content reach.

12 – Get actionable insights

Campaign insights can help you figure out what resonates with your target audience. You can optimise future campaigns based on those insights.

Furthermore, the use of influencer marketing can be cheaper but still incredibly effective. It’s no shocker that you can get more out of your audience and content with influencer marketing. 

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